ChaCha Affiliate Program

This is an awesome new program that ChaCha just started!

You sign up and then, share awesome articles that ChaCha normally posts and when folks click on those links, you earn $0.025 for each click!

Simple enough, right?

Here is an example of what the ads look like on the main homepage -

You can link the site up with your Twitter so it's posted as soon as you click "Share This" or you can "Get HTML" and share it on your facebook/blog/etc!

As you see to the right of this website, underneath the "About Me" Section of my blog, I have posted several links that folks can click on (and I would love if you did so, thank you!) and this is a simple way you can earn cash!

The best part about this program is these are not links like the usual sites that are advertising some product that most people don't want. These are actual stories and fun topics that people WANT to read about.

Here are some examples of the fun stories that will entice people to click on your links! (Make sure to right click and open a new tab so you can easily come back to my blog and can sign up!)

Embarrassing Places to Get Caught Humping
Amazing Etch A Sketch Art
The Cast of The Hunger Games
80s TV Theme Song Quiz
Shitty Day Music Playlist
The Best Film and TV Bromances
Peculiar Picks From Vending Machines
Why You Shouldn't Use Internet Explorer
Crazy Jobs You Didn't Know Existed
Hilarious eBay Finds

Who wouldn't want to read those? :-)

They also have a referral program where you can make 10% commission for every approved affiliate you refer!

Join the ChaCha Affiliate Program!


  1. how do you get those stories like that? do you take a section out of html?

  2. Yes, it is in the HTML and you post it directly to your blog/website/facebook, etc.

  3. They scammed me and said that i had invalid clicks. but they did not notify me.


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