Ebates: Paid

I received my payment from Ebates today!

This was from the purchases I made through them around Christmas time. They usually pay out every couple of months. And it goes RIGHT into your PayPal. They actually paid out ahead of time this month, since payment wasn't supposed to happen until 2/15. So it was nice they did it early.

If you haven't joined Ebates ... why not? Such a great program that gives you CASH BACK on your online purchases. Since I shop online a lot, Ebates has been fantastic for me.

They have a pretty great referral incentive as well. Right now, they have an amazing deal where if you refer THREE friends (they have to make a purchase through Ebates in order to qualify) you get $30!

As you see, if you refer more,  you can get awesome prizes or a lot of cash! One would think it is easy but remember, it is not just getting people to sign up, they HAVE to make at least one purchase!

So, if you would like to start earning cash back on your online purchases, sign up today and start getting some money back! Happy spending!

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