Aobux: Paid

Got paid for the second time with Aobux.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite PTC sites to use. Remember PTC = Pay To Click. All you have to do to earn money is click a few ads a day to earn $0.01 per ad! It may not sound like a lot but it all adds up!

Here is my PayPal payment:

The great thing is that now, they seem to be not taking out PayPal fees! Which makes this site even better!

Sign up with one of the best PTC sites around!


  1. Signed up under you Cassie... but I'm so confused already. I go to VIEW Advertisements and there are several listed but yet after I watch them they don't credit. and it says that I don't have any??

  2. Hi LaurAnn. What you have to do is after you go to the tab, "View Advertisments," you click on the ads available and then, you have to wait 30 seconds and then it will show you a number and then three other numbers. Click the matching number - say, it shows a 3 and then gives you the options of 9-6-3. Chose the 3 and it will show that the ad credited. You have to do that so they know you are allowing the ad to show for 30 seconds.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy clicking!

  3. The top things about Clixsense's GPT Click Feature:
    1. $0.001 - $0.02/click.
    2. 5 seconds starting timer.
    3. Reclick every 24 hours.

  4. SuperPayMe is a very recommended work from home site.