La La Loot is brought to you by a team of casual gaming entrepreneurs with one simple goal - to build easy to play games that allows our users to have fun and win cash prizes!

Basically, it's similar to other game sites like Booty Slots on Facebook and Win Spin Win (which I used to LOVE and cashed out twice - but it's no longer operating sadly). You earn spins and then win cash through the game.

It is actually pretty easy to win money! They give you 10 spins off the bat. And then throughout playing, you can win more spins.

Cash out minimum is $20.

As you see, I used 62 spins TODAY ALONE and made almost $10! I'm already half way to cashing out!

Sign up today and start playing right away!

La La Loot


  1. I'm almost up to $10, do you know how long it takes to recieve your money when you cash out?

  2. Hey there, I'm not sure, I'm up to 12.50, so I haven't cashed out yet. I'll def update when I do! :)

  3. Im using a website called cashdazzle I think its by the same creators because the websites look exactly the same but the cashdazzle uses a wheel that you spin like the wheel of fortune and i cashed out about 6 weeks ago and my prize still didnt come it says 4-6 weeks for the prize to come so im going to give it a couple more days

  4. Hi!
    I followed a suggestion in a comment by Jack on a Yahoo article so I have been perusing your blog! Pretty cool.
    I am wondering what happened here. The last post was Feb. 19, 2012....
    What happened when you cashed out or have you yet?
    Thanks! This is very interesting and I may try a few of your suggestions!

  5. Hey there! Thanks for your comment, I have still not reached the cash out. It's because now, you only get spins for doing offers or for when I get referrals to sign up. I haven't been doing the offers (since they are all the same offers as Swagbucks/Irazoo/Zoombucks, etc) so I've just been spinning when a referral signs up. I will definitely update when and if I get to the cash out point. I really need to take a day and do lots of the offers so I can get a lot of spins! Haha, or, sign up and spread the word so I can get some spins that way :-)
    Thanks, yes, a lot of these sites are amazing and I have definitely earned a good amount of gift cards/paypal, etc, so these sites are definitely worth it! :) Good luck!

  6. I also noticed on the article several people mentioned and surveyjet. I see you haven't listed them. Did you try them and if so were they scams? I am still a little scared to try any! I really appreciate that you took the time to post all of these and show your experience, etc. It is a huge help.

    1. I've used SurveySavvy. It's not a scam, but I eventually got bored with it and deleted my account. Basically you're going to sign up and spend an hour or two filling out numerous profiles. Then you're going to get anywhere from zero to five emails a week telling you there's a survey ready, half of which take 20-30 minutes (I usually set my limit at 20 minutes, it's just not worth it after that). IF you qualify for those surveys, you'll complete them and receive your money. I don't remember what the cashout limit was, but I gave up long before I would have reached it. It's better to stick to sites with offers as well as surveys, since that way if you get tired of surveys, or you don't often qualify, you have another way to earn/reach the cashout threshold.

      To timerunning, this is a great blog here, could you perhaps just go through the pages and update some of them? Like on VirtaPay's page, for example, you mention that they're going to launch officially in 2011 or something like that. (The year's 2012, if you haven't noticed) :)

  7. when does the money come for lalaloot please respond! i made $21.75 and need to know thanks

  8. I actually have yet to cash out! I haven't been using this site a lot. When I do special offers and such, it's mostly through Swagbucks. The issue with all these sites is they use a lot of the same special offers. Did you request to cash out yet?

  9. Thumbs up guys your doing a truly terrific job.
    fast approval

  10. Avoid them many complaints they stop paying out around 14.80. They handle complaints very unprofessionaly too.

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  12. I'm going to try La La Loot, sounds to good to be true, but we'll see.


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