Instant Cash Sweepstakes: Paid

I got paid again from Instant Cash Sweepstakes.

This time I waited til I had $15 to cash out. Sometimes, it is nice to wait until you pile up a decent amount of $$ :-)

I love seeing my PayPal account go up! This is such a great site. If you are not a member yet ... why? Lol, really, this is a fantastic site that is funny, takes hardly any time away from your day to do - and the best part is that you are able to earn more money every 3 hours answering FUN questions!

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Instant Cash Sweepstakes


  1. Cool site. It's always a good idea to make a little cash online. I really enjoy CrowdTap, it's where I came across your profile.
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  2. Thanks!! Signed up under you...if you link in post gives you referral points/money! :)

  3. Thank you! Yes, you do earn matching cash for every time your referral wins! So try and get some referrals yourself and you will earn even more money. Good luck and happy clicking!