Aobux: Paid

I recently joined the PTC Aobux.
I am always wary of new PTC sites, since alot do not pay, but Aobux is not one of those!

This is a NEW PTC site that just started. The guy who I signed up under promised a perk if I signed up, and that perk ended up being $10 deposited into my account under my rented balance fund.

With that happening, I was very excited about the prospect of this website! So I used half of it to rent 20 referrals. I then recycled 9 of them. So right now, 17 out of the 20 are active, pretty good odds. AND I still have $4.20 left in my rental balance fund to maintain those referrals.

I reached $2 after probably a week and a half and immediately cashed out, since I wanted to see how long it would take Aobux to pay me.

They have a turn around time of 2 days, pretty fast! I mean, not as fast as Neobux or Onbux, but two days is still really great! The money was deposited right into my paypal account, with the standard fees taken out. So out of my $2 requested, I received $1.94.

Here is the screenshot of my payment:

I am very pleased with Aobux. With the free $10 to rent referrals and then the awesome turn around time of being paid, I will continue to use Aobux on a daily basis and I definitely recommend that you sign up!

Sign up here!



  1. i have request for pay out 4 more than 4 days but haven`t received any amount yet ..

  2. Did you do it through PayPal? I might be longer if you do it through AlertPay, etc. But in the twice I have gotten paid, I have gotten it within 2 days through PayPal.

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