iPal is an e-mail service that lets you earn $$ as you get e-mails!

So far I am up to 140 points, which is $1.40. (100 points = $1)

How to Make Money

You pretty much make $ by logging in every day. You recieve 5 points per each unique e-mail you receive.


The minimum payout is $25. The payments are sent out via Paypal at the beginning of each month. If you have generated less than this, the pay will be withheld until the next pay period, when it is added to the new total and sent to you if over $25.


You get $0.50 per every referral that signs up. And then you get 20% of whatever THEIR referral gets!

I've looked around and I did see one payment proof.

So I just look at this as another PTC almost, just without having to click! And the nice thing is it is another e-mail, so you can use this for Special Offers that you sign up for under Swagbucks and Zoombucks! Definitely comes in handy!

Sign up here for iPal and get another e-mail address!

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