Booty Slot

I have been playing this new game called Booty Slots. It is a great and fun way to make money!

It is pretty much a game where there are three different ways to make $$.

There are the "Booty Slots", "Parrot Flight" and "Watch the Way That Booty Moves."

Here is a screen shot of the game.

When you first sign up, you get 10 doubloons. This is what you need to play the game. The first thing I do is go to the Booty Slots and play the slot machine.

Booty Slot

Here, you can bet the doubloons to play the slots. If you bet more than one coin, you get double or triple if you win! You can also bet more lines, up to 20 lines! I usually like to bet at least 2 coins and 10 lines every time I spin.

Here is the pay table for what you need to get to win.

The images HAVE to be in a row in order to win.

If you get three swords, you get a bonus game! This is when you are a character and you get to break 5 barrels, which contain real money or tokens. You get to keep whatever you win.

Parrot Flight

When you first sign up, you get a free token to play this once. After that, you need 150 doubloons to play this.

You basically go as the parrot and fly into real money and tokens. You gather as much as possible and at the end, you collect all you earned.

Pretty fun, I got almost $4 in one turn this way!

Watch the Way That Booty Moves

This is a memory game. You get a bunch of cards you see, then they turn over and you have to pick one and you win that amount in real money. It starts with $0.50 and can go up to $15! The most I won on this was $5. But you know you will get minimum at least $0.50 on this game.

Again, you get a free token when you first sign up but then, it cost 100 doubloons to play after that.

This is a really fun and addicting game. You can cash out when you reach $25. They also have a facebook that has some help on it if you need it!

Sign up here:

Booty Slots


  1. Is this the ony game on your list, or are you going to be updating anytime soon?

  2. Continue the good work; keep posting more n more n more.