WinCash 247

If you like gambling but don't like spending money to WIN money, then you are going to want to check out this site.

How to Make Money

When you sign up for WinCash 247, they start you off with $5 and 5 coins. (coins = spins). That is a pretty great way to start off!

I have done sites like this before (WinSpinWin) and basically, you do special offers to earn coins/spins.

So far, I do two offers. The Remedy Life one (4 coins) and the Beezag one (1 coin).

Out of the 10 spins (5 earned and 5 I got when signing up), I got:
Sorry three times
$0.20 four times
$0.10 once
Free spin once
Prize Three once - which was an ebook called "Improve Your Memory"
Loose Turn once

So, total, I have $5.90. $0.90 really isn't bad for about a minute of work!


The minimum payout is $20.00. I am not sure if they do PayPal or not but I know getting a check IS an option. But you don't found out the payment method until you reach $20.

Again, I did a site VERY similar to this (WinSpinWin) and they issued out a card with the winnings on it. Which was fantastic cause I could just use it anywhere!


Everytime someone signs up under you, you get FIVE free coins/spins. Which is nice cause most programs like this do not have a referral program.

So if you want to have the chance to win big, definitely try this site! If you hit the jackpot, that is over 1 million dollars! Granted, that probably won't happen haha, but there is ALWAYS a chance!

Sign up right here! WinCash 247!


  1. it is a scam i won $100 on this site and they have not paid me

  2. Beezag actually pays out the way they are supposed to!