So if you are into free stuff like I am, you will definitely want to join this site.

Basically, it is a social networking site that you can receive free product/samples from.

After you sign up,
under My,
there will be the "Offers For You."

These are basically the companies that are offering the free samples. You accept the mission and you can share on Facebook, Twitter, etc and you earn's!

I first did this with the Durex Love Box challenge.
You do not need a lot of smilies to get challenges and it is super easy.

This is my stats:

Status & Smiles
Status: 2
Total Smiles: 14
Friend Referrals: 0

Now, I personally signed up for this site, played around on it for a few minutes, signed up for that challenge, and then forgot about the site.

Then this morning, UPS delivered a package to me and boom, I got my Durex Love Box samples! Inside were 16 tins each with 3 condoms in it. Here is the picture - (There are only 15 pictured cause I gave my roommate one!)

So I pretty much did hardly ANYTHING and I got all of these for free! Pretty awesome!

So if you are interested in getting stuff for free, I def suggest signing up!

Sign up for Smile.Ly here!


  1. Hi there! I'm a Community Manager with and just wanted to thank you for the post about us! We wouldn't be able to succeed without members like you! We appreciate all the support from our members :)

    Thank you and keep up the good work! And keep an eye out for emails from about new missions!


  2. Interesting anything other than condoms lool

  3. So far, just that! But there are new opportunities a decent amount so I am just waiting for a new one to arise so I can apply. :-)

  4. just in the states? i am in canada

  5. Were they nice condoms at least?