- Payment

I got my first payment from!

I requested it yesterday -->

And then, about 5 hours later, the money was in my PayPal account!

The reason they send it in Canadian dollars is so there is not a fee taken out. So it ends up being $0.95 that I got.

This really is a great site. You get paid JUST for chatting and making new friends AND possibly getting referrals for your other sites!

Join here!

and say hi when you see me!
My name is timerunning on there.
Remember, the more we chat, the more we earn!


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog first I actually been to this site and it's quite hard to make $1, at first I was thinking I am getting a dollar then I think I just made 1 cent lool

  2. yeah, it definitely can take a while to get to a dollar, you just have to chat a lot. for me, i like this site cause it helps me get referrals with other sites! it is great for networking. making money is just like the cherry on top for me. :-)

    And yeah, with the way they have it written, it is actually $0.0002 that you are making per line and you have to write at least 61 characters to make that. This is because people were splitting their sentences so they could make more $ and looses out. I would like it if you only needed to write 30 characters to make the full $0.0002 per line, but hey, it just makes me more apt to talk more! :-)