Neobux: Paid

I cashed out for the first time on Neobux.
I had reached a total of $7.84 and felt it was finally time that I need to deposit that money in my PayPal account and test out how fast Neobux pays.
(Remember, you only need a minumum of $2 to cash out!)

After I hit that I wanted to request payment, it shows this screen to verify that you have the right PayPal email address. You hit submit and then it processes.

Then you see a screen like this saying that your payment has been successfully sent to your PayPal!

Literally 10 seconds later, I got an email saying that my payment was in my PayPal. Here is the screenshot of my deposit from Neobux.

I knew Neobux was one of the best and most reputable PTC sites out there (along with Onbux) and today proved it to me beyond a doubt.

If you haven't signed up with Neobux, sign up here straight away. You are missing out on earning a decent amount over time that goes right into your PayPal!

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