Jingit is about earning real cash (not credits, points or virtual currency) by opt-ing in to video and interactive brand engagements.

Basically, this is a new site that you watch ads, then answer like, 3-5 questions about the ad or sometimes, you just have to watch the ad and there are no questions. Then, you get paid instantly into your Jingit account. You actually see the money piling up!

Weekly Max of $ Earned

You can make up to $5 weekly. The week starts on Sunday. When you get referrals, you can increase how much you can earn weekly, up to $10!

The money then goes onto a VISA debit card. It does cost $2 for the card, but that can just be taken out of your earnings, so technically, the first $5 you earn, you're only getting $3 of it, but it's just a one time thing, and then you have the card for as long as you want!

Another choice is that you can use your earnings to buy music directly from iTunes! That's a pretty cool option and that way, you don't even have to use $2 of your earnings to get the card if you just play on using this site to earning $ to buy music.

Fee Schedule:

This is a list of all the "fee's" but as you see, there are many ways to not have ANY fees at all. Again, the only fee that is guaranteed is the $2 activation fee but that is taken out of your Jingit earnings that you make.
1) $2 Activation Fee
2) Monthly Service - FREE
3) $4 Monthly Paper Statement fee - You'd be stupid to request a paper statement when you can view it online for free.
4) $2 Domestic (US) ATM Withdrawal fee ($3 International) - If you want cash you're going to have to pay this fee, but practically everywhere accepts debit cards so you probably will never have a reason to use an ATM with your card. I know I never will.
5) $0.50 Domestic (US) ATM Balance Inquiry/Decline ($1.50 international) - Since you can check your balance online and if you own a smart phone you can even do it there, so there's no reason to ever check your balance at an actual ATM.
6) Foreign Transaction Fee of up to 3% of transaction - Unless you're doing a lot of international shopping you probably won't ever experience this fee.
7) $4 Teller Withdrawal fee - If you want cash and you withdraw from a teller at a bank you'll get this fee, but if you really need the cash its cheaper to withdraw from an ATM.
8) $2 Live Customer Service Fee - It says the first 2 calls each month to the live customer service is free and any calls after that within the month you'll get the fee. Most people wouldn't need to contact customer service that often. They also have "Automated Interactive Voice Response" customer service which is free.
9) $2 Inactivity Fee - If your account is inactive for 90 days they'll start charging this as a monthly fee until you start using your account again or until you have zero balance. You shouldn't have to worry about this as long as you continue earning money on Jingit and adding it to your account, even if you aren't spending the money right away.
10) $10 Card Replacement fee - If you lose it you'll have to pay. So don't lose your card!
11) $15 Expedited Card Replacement fee - For expedited processing of your replacement card within 2 business days. I'd rather just wait to receive it, it doesn't seem worth it for the extra charge.
12) $10 Account Closure Check Disbursement fee - If you want to close your account and get a check for your remaining balance they'll charge you $10. With the kind of money you'll be earning from Jingit (not a whole lot), you'd be better off just spending your remaining balance than paying this fee.
So, there are all the fees for you to know about so you can easily avoid them and enjoy using your debit hard hassle free!
What I Have Earned: 
I received my Jingit Debit Card in the mail on November 20th, 2011. As soon as I got it, I easily transferred my balance, $18.60 onto my card. Today, I bought my first purchase with it! (Bought some shower gel from Bath and Body Works).
So this is a completely legit site with a way to make up to $40 a month on your card! Why would you not join?? Hardly any work on my part and I'm getting paid for it that goes right on my debit card! 
No waiting. As soon as you hit transfer on the Jingit site, the money is ON YOUR CARD! And you can go spend it right away!


  1. I just joined, we will see how it goes!? Thanks for all the information.

  2. the only thing i don't like is the fee schedule...did you see it?
    there is another $10 enrollment fee....BUT still good money :)

  3. Hey there, thanks for signing up!
    I edited the post with the "fees," but as you see, the only actual fee is the $2 activation fee. After that, there are no more fees as long as you don't do any of the things I listed in the blog post, such as lose your card or use your debit card to take cash out from an ATM, etc.

    Good luck with your earnings!

  4. This site is truly legit people. They're updating to make it possible to earn more, but that change will take a bit. Other than that, it's a nicw way to earn some free spending cash each month. It's the only 100% legit site I've ever found online.

  5. How long were you on the site before earning that 18.60? I've been a member for 4 days and have only had 4 video opportunities! I would have thought there would be more chances to earn money? Did yours start off slow as well? Or is it just slow right now??

  6. Just got my check for over $500.

    Many times people don't believe me when I tell them about how much money you can earn by taking paid surveys online...

    So I show them a video of myself getting paid $500 for paid surveys to set the record straight.

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