Swagbucks: Paid

Hey everyone, sorry it's been a while since my last update. I was on vacation :-)

But now I am back and I wanted to let everyone I know that I received the rest of my $5 Amazon cards from Swagbucks.

I am back up to 5,457 SB. Saving them for next month as always (2250 SB) to get the limit of 5 $5 Swagbucks.

I also wanted to post some more helpful hints for people just signing up for Swagbucks as well. I know it can seem confusing sometimes so here's some info that will lessen that confusion!
You're going to want to type in any sort of term/phrase into the search engine, and if you go through a couple or three pages with no win, try checking images, then video, etc. But don't click through the pages of results too fast. You could get a "time-out."

If you take the time, as if you actually care about the results and read through them, you are more likely to get a win further down the line on the same search.

Codes are a nice way to get extra points. You can tell when there is a code by checking your Swidget that you can download. Also, if you go to the Swagbucks Facebook page, if you see a lot of "Thanks TSG!," that means there is a code out!

Also, if you are on Twitter and follow "swagbucks", "we love swagbucks", and a couple of other sites like @swidgetwatch and @SwagBucksTricks, you will never miss a code! You can have those updates sent right to your phone, which is what I do so I don't miss a code.

Daily Four
Do your "daily four'. That means, have the toolbar installed - the first time you get on your web browser for the day you will be awarded 2 swagbucks. Then, click the "ways to earn" button on your toolbar and go to trusted surveys. (after you have been a member for 1 week. ) You get 2 swagbucks just for looking there. Then, do the same, ways to earn (or look at the top of your browser page) and click daily polls. you get 2 swagbucks for voting in a poll once a day. Last but not least, from daily poll, click on the Ways To Earn button at the top of your browser page. in There should be "NOSO". that takes you to a page where you can click through offers (press skip skip skip skip!) and after 4 or 5 skips you get two swagbucks.

The daily 4 may not sound like much but after 30 days, thats 240 swagbucks!
Sign up for Swagbucks here!


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