is a site that pays you money to chat, which I thought seemed pretty awesome so I checked it out.

This site seems legit and it really fun to participate in! It seemed different than a lot of other sites that I have looked it so I registered and logged in.

Basically, after you sign up, you are immediately put into the main chat room (World Room) and you can start chatting right away!

How You Make Money
The concept is simple.
There is different payments for the different levels you can be.

Newbie - 0.0003c / line
Veteran - 0.0005c / line
Elite - 0.0007c / line
I know that might not seem like a lot but if you chat a lot, it can add up over time!

They also have a system where you can buy referrals as well.

There are basic rules you HAVE to follow when you are chatting.

  • The chat may only be used by registered members
  • Writing multiple consecutive lines (more than 3) is forbidden
  • Writing nonsense phrases / words / characters / numbers is forbidden
  • Sending links to pornographic, racist or any other integrity damaging website is forbidden
  • World room is an English Only room! All others may be used with other languages.
  • Do not swear / use inappropriate language with other members and withing chat
  • Multiple registrations from the same IP-address will lead to all of the accounts being suspended
  • Rules about number of characters
  • *If you write less than 5 characters per line (Ex: H r u) you will not receive anything
    * If you write between 5 characters and 30 per line (Ex: Hello mate are u there?) you will receive your earnings per line divided by 4     
    * If you write between 30 characters and 60 per line (Ex: How was your day? Everything fine?) you will receive your earnings per line divided by 2     
    * If you write more than 60 characters per line you will receive 100% of your earnings per line. (Ex: I'm so glad that I'm back chatting with all the nice fellows here on 

These are really simple and easy to follow rules. Just make sure you always write MORE than 5 characters or else you won't get paid for that line! They are no rules against promoting your blog or other websites so you can even get some referrals for other sites that you are a member of, which is fantastic! It's like getting double paid!

Do not sit there and just post your referral link over and over and over again.


This site is very hardcore when it comes to following the rules. When I first went on yesterday, I saw over 15 people get banned. Don't let that scare you away though. They were spammers and didn't follow the rules. The administrator was constantly on the chat room making sure people are following these rules. You get three chances, the administrator will warn you if you did something wrong, so if you really did do it be accident, don't worry, they will tell you and then, don't do it anymore.

I also saw people get banned for swearing. So, don't swear. It's as simple as that.

Pay Out
As I mentioned, it is a $1 minimum cash out for this site.

I have been paid once so far:

 So if you want to get paid to chat with people, you will definitely want to sign up for this site!

Sign up here!


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