Hot Spot

I received my THIRD payment from Hot Spot today.
This payment I requested since for some reason, I didn't get it on the 15th of the month automatically. That's ok though, it doesn't make any difference to cash out whenever you want, which is great!

So far, that makes my total earnings from Hot Spot:

This really is a simple way to earn cash. Remember, the offer walls are Offerpal (Tapjoy) and GWallet. If you are a member of Swagbucks and/or Zoombucks, you would already be familiar with these walls. And I have also found that Hot Spot tends to credit a bit more and slightly easier. There will always be those offers you have to fight for but in general, Hot Spot is pretty decent for getting the offers to credit.

And with this, it's straight up cash that you earn! That goes RIGHT INTO your PayPal account whenever you want! Can't get much easier than that.

Don't forget, you have to have at least $5 to cash out. And you get 10% of whatever your referrals make. AND HotSpot lets you post whenever you win any amount directly onto Facebook so that should make getting referrals pretty easy.

Sign up for HotSpot here!


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