Card Power

This is an awesome site that let's you link up your already existing debit card so you can earn points on purchases you would ordinarily make! It is comparable to a bank's reward program for your debit card but the best thing is, you can be on your bank's reward program AND Card Power's reward program so it's technically, you are earning DOUBLE points!

This is the description from the site:
CardPower is an innovative take on debit card rewards that's designed for everyone. Regardless of your bank, you can add CardPower to your existing debit card by linking it to our rewards program. Every time you use your card you'll be earning CardPower points for the rewards of your choice. It's an exciting way to make spending much more fun.

This is a safe & secure site - CardPower utilizes a bank-level security platform for your login information. CardPower does NOT store your bank username, password or account numbers. We’ve partnered with the leading provider of online banking services to major banks, to ensure a secure connection to your personal financial information. When you become a CardPower linked member, you enable us to establish a onetime verification link with your financial institution to become a part of our patent-pending rewards program.

Earn Points

Sign up and link your card
Get 2,000 points!
Like an Auction Game Item
Get 5 points!
Use your debit card
Get 1 point per dollar spent!
Get 1,000 points when they link!
Daily sign-in
Get 10 points every day!
Complete bonus offers
Bonus points awarded for each offer!

Redeem Points

Sweepstakes - Spend points for the chance to win gift cards!
Auction Games - Use points to bid on gift cards!
Points Mall - Instantly use points to buy items!

What have you got to lose except the chance to win/earn prizes?
Sign up for Card Power today and link your card to earn rewards!

Card Power

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