I have hit the 1000+ mark again on Zoombucks so that means, time for another $10 Amazon gift card!

The trick is to always try and complete the daily surveys. There are 7 surveys you can take EVERY DAY. No, you might not qualify for every single one but even if you only do one, that's at least 50 Zoombucks, if not more! The surveys range from 50 - 67 Zoombucks.

Today, I qualified for THREE of them.

Right there, that is 160 Zoombucks!

And do not forget about the Special Offers on the Super Rewards, GWallet and Gambit walls! That can really help you gain a lot more Zoombucks!

Check out the Zoombucks Facebook page. They are all very helpful over there, great community!

Sign up for Zoombucks here!


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