Zoombucks: Paid

I received my $10 Amazon gift card from Zoombucks today.

And I have to comment again on Zoombucks outstanding customer service.

I try to do at least one of the daily surveys every day. I did one of the 50ZB one, and for some reason, it didn't credit. I had saved the link showing I completed the survey and I emailed Zoombucks about it. They responded right away, told me to wait 24 hours to see if it credited and if it didn't, to contact them.
So I waited and it did not credit. I emailed again and they responded very quickly with a code worth 50ZB so I would get my credit!
I must say, I completely recognize and appreciate Zoombucks great customer service and willingness to help out people.
If that is not reason enough to join, remember how quickly you can pile up ZB and that there is no limit to how many gift cards you can redeem!

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