Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a site where you click on evaluations and review websites and earn cash for it. At first, I wasn't sure about the site and if it would credit offers easily or if it was another site that you would have to site to get the offers to credit. Cause honestly, I do enough sites where I have to fight for offers and didn't want to add another one so I figured I'd test the site out, do one evaluation and if it didn't credit, forget about the site.

How I Earned $ So Far

Well, I started off and completed my member profile, which earns you $2. That credited right away, but I wanted to still do an evaluation, cause most sites always have your profile incentive credit.

So then I did the "Survey 1431 - Satellite and Cable TV Resource Evaluation" for $2, and that credited.

Then today, I went back to the site, saw my $4 in my balance, and figured I'd try a few more offers. I did "Survey 2812 - Criminal Justice Resource Evaluation" for $2 and "Survey 2797 - Home Security Resource Evaluation" for $1 and again, they both credited so I had $7.00 so far!

So this site seems pretty awesome so far and I'm looking forward to trying to build up my balance.

Minimum Balance
You need a minimum of $50 in order to request payment. This may seem like a lot but if you do evaluations every day, this minimum can be met quickly!

If you get a referral and they fill out an evaluation, you automatically get $5! There is no limit, refer as many people as you want!

I definitely would recommend starting up with this site, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how much you can earn.

The best part about Vindale, in my opinion, is the Twitter and Facebook contests! Daily, Vindale posts a question, such as, "Do you believe in ghosts?" and then they give a random 20 people $0.50! So far, I have won 4 times on Facebook and once on Twitter! That's a total of $2.50!

So far, I am up to:
I would def try out Vindale Research! It is a great site that is definitely not like all the others out there! Click here to sign up!


  1. good at telling how it works. Letting people know its not over night. How you get paid. Nice work

  2. I tried the program, Vindale and you were exactly right about the money making opportunities it offers! I was up to $5.25 before I knew it. The surverys are fun to answer and I enjoy sittind down at night and answering some surveys! Thumbs up on the post!

  3. Jordan, I took your advice and this post and signed up and tried it! I told a couple friends about it and before I knew it, I had $30.35. I got $5 for each person that signed up through me!!! What a great deal! $20 and I get to cash out! I'm excited!


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