Vindale Research: Contest Winner

I've been being a bit lazy when it comes to Vindale. I've only earned another dollar since I last updated.

However, Vindale has promotions on Twitter that you can win extra money. Today, the question they posted was:

What's your favorite breed of dog? Reply with your referral link. We'll randomly give $0.50 to 10 members who respond!

I was one of the lucky winners and won $0.50. So now my total is up to $8.50, which is def nice!

Check out Vindale! Remember, you get $5 for every person you refer that fills out at least ONE evaluation!

Vindale Research


  1. yeah its a pretty great site, having contests to win more money as well as the offers. make sure you do an offer when you sign up for your account to be verified! the easiest surverys i did right off the bat were:

    Completed Member Profile +$2.00
    Survey 1431 - Satellite and Cable TV Resource Evaluation +2.00


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