It is the beginning of the month and that means:
Time to redeem my saved up Swagbucks for Amazon Gift Cards!

Swagbucks has a limit of ordering 5 per 1 kind of gift card every month. Meaning, you can only order 5 of the $5 Amazon Gift Cards per calendar month. So once you reach your limit, you can either roll your leftover Swagbucks over to the next month or you can aim for the $25 or the $50 Amazon cards. However, those are not the best deals, cause they are actually costing more Swagbucks per use. It's up to you! You can also go for the $5 PayPal cards, but those cost 700 SB so it's def a higher cost than the 450 SB for the $5 Amazon card.

I ordered my limit of (5) $5 Amazon Gift Cards for this month.

It takes 10-15 business days to receive them. Once I have received them, I will post it up here.

I have 2,726 SB now left over, which I will keep for now, since that already covers the (5) $5 Amazon cards for next month. And I will keep earning and building up my total!

Check out Swagbucks here!


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