NeoBux is another pay-per-click site, where you click on ads per day and you earn money for each ad you view.

How To Make $
The main thing you need to do on this site is click EVERY day. You get between 4-5 ad's per ad and each ad ranges between $0.01-$0.001. The main way you make money at this site is with referrals.

Neobux allows you to chance to buy referrals. It costs $0.75 for 3, $2.50 for 10, $5 for 20, etc. And then there is always direct referrals, which are free but harder to get.

With referrals, you must view advertisements if you wish to receive from your referrals the next day. Which means you have to stay active if you want to receive money!

Neobux has a great great community, a forum where people help you out and explain everything.

What I Have Earned So Far

11/29/2010 at 16:23     You have been paid!
The amount paid was: $7.86 (minus $0.15 of fees)

03/09/2011 at 15:20     You have been paid!
The amount paid was: $7.50 (minus $0.15 of fees)

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