YouData is a click-per-ad site that you can earn money from. The best thing about this site is that they pay you EVERY Friday, no matter what your balance is!

YouData is new and just getting off the ground. You click on the ads and get a certain amount of money (usually $0.10) per ad! The format is very nice and easy.

How to Earn
First things first, fill out your Me File so advertisers know which ads to target you with! Then, you'll get a bunch of ads that you need to click on under the Adgets tab. It shows you on the top how much money you have made so far.

Again, EVERY FRIDAY, no matter how much you have earned, even if it's only $0.05, the money gets deposited directly into your Paypal account! It's super easy. The one disadvantage about the site is that is it NEW so you are not getting a crazy amount of ads so far. But YouData has said that will change once they start getting bigger and getting more advertisers. But my thoughts are, who cares if it's a little bit amount? It's still money that goes right into my PayPal account!

Referrals are a great way to earn money as well. You get paid $0.01 every time your referral clicks on a ad, which can definitely ad up!

What I Have Earned So Far

10-22-2010 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.11
12-03-2010 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.01
12-10-2010 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.07
01-14-2011 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.03
01-21-2011 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.20
02-04-2011 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.30
02-11-2011 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.13
02-18-2011 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.27
03-04-2011 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.02
03-25-2011 - PayPal Pay Out - $ 0.19

Sign up here ---> YouData


  1. this seems like a cool program....i like making money too...we will probably end up being cyber friends or if i make a blog

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