Swagbucks is a website where you earn digital dollars called Swag Bucks for doing things like searching the web, doing special offers, surveys and shopping online. Once you start collecting Swag Bucks, you can use them to get cool, free prizes, such as gift cards, electronics, etc.

I first heard of Swagbucks in August of 2009. I participated for a bit and earned one prize ($5 Amazon gift card) and then I pretty much abandoned it after that cause I still wasn't quite sure if I "got" the way the site worked.
But then, I decided to give it another chance and I picked it back up this year in June and let's just say, I have earned wayyy more than just one prize.

What I Have Earned From Swagbucks since June 2010 - Current

$5    Amazon Gift Cards - 136 - $670
$25  Amazon Gift Cards - 01 - $25.00
$50  Amazon Gift Cards - 01 - $50.00
$5    PayPal Gift Cards   - 01 - $5.00

TOTAL = $760.00

With that money (and other sites that I earn Amazon gift cards from, that you can see in the tabs above on my blog), I was able to purchase a brand new laptop FOR FREE!

Is there anything better than that?

Swagbucks can be a little confusing at first. For me, to understand how to get more Swagbucks, I got more into the community and got advice on ways to earn Swagbucks faster.

Ways to Earn Swagbucks

1) There are 6 Swag Bucks that you get easily get daily.

a. Use the Swagbucks Toolbar
b. Answer the Daily Poll
c. View the No Obligation Offers under "Special Offers" tab. Click "skip" through a few offers.
d. Click on the Trusted Surveys tab
e. Invite a Friend

2) Search!
Use the search engine daily to search for things, like you would with any other search engine. You can usually win this way 3-4 times a day. However, sometimes it's less, once in a while, more. I've never won more than 4 times a day searching. The amounts range from around 5 SB up to 59 SB for a search. And this could be more on Fridays, that is Mega Swag Day, where winning bigger bills is more likely.
It is more rare to win a big bill but it does happen. When I first started using Swagbucks a year after I stopped, my first search was for "Lost Series Finale" and I hit 50! Granted, the only other bill I've hit higher was a 59 bill. So it does happen! And all those little swag bucks wins add up in the long run.

3) Special Offers
Doing special offers is probably one of the best ways to make your total number jump up but it can also be stressful because a lot of times, you have to e-mail and fight for your swagbucks depending on the advertiser. There are 6 companies that provide Special Offers for you to do: Gambit, OfferPal, TrialPay, gWallet, Paymentwall & Super Rewards.
I have done numerous Special Offers, which is why I have earned so many Swag Bucks. The higher paying ones usually require some type of purchase but there are MANY free offers for you to do. I have also completed offers that required you to sign up for a free trial of something and then, you can cancel your credit card after a few days. I have only done this with offers/names that I trust.

4) Shop & Earn
Personally, I have used this option twice and I'm never going to again because I shop through Ebates to earn cash back. They give you 2 Swagbucks for every $1 you spend and it takes 30 days to go to your account.

5) Surveys
You fill out your profile and earn some swagbucks that way. Afterwards, there will be available surveys for you if you qualify. Lots of times, the survey will ask you a few questions to see if you qualify or not. It can get frustrating when they ask you a bunch of questions and then you don't qualify but I still have managed to earn a decent amount of swagbucks from this feature!

6) Swag Codes
These are codes that are released (usually at least one a day) that can earn you some swagbucks! You can find out if there is a Swag Code by checking the widget that you can download. Here is my widget --->

7) Referrals
If you get a referral, Swagbucks will match whatever they win on searching to your account! It is only on searching, nothing else. This is a great way to earn some Swagbucks and you don't have to do anything except get some people to sign up.

The Swag Bucks facebook page is the BEST place to get advice, help, find out if there is a code or ideas on what to search for! The people there are decently friendly and there is always someone willing to help a newcomer out.
You will be able to tell if there is a Swag Code out when you see a bunch of "Thanks TSG" on the page. In that case, check your widget! Don't ask what the code is on the facebook page because users are NOT allowed to share Swag Codes. If you post a code, you can risk getting banned.

There are MANY prizes to choose from on Swagbucks. The best deal is by far the $5 Amazon Cards for 450 Swagbucks. It's better to get these than saving up for a BIG prize cause in the long run, it's cheaper to buy it from Amazon. The rule of prizes is that for the gift cards, there is a limit of buying 2 a day and 5 per month. I have definitely maxed out on gift cards before and gotten my limit of 5 per month so then, depending on how many swagbucks I have left, you can opt for the bigger cards, like the $25 Amazon or $50. However, it's better to FIRST get the $5 ones, cause they ARE stackable and a better deal, since the $25 ones are 3150, which is SEVEN $5 ones, so you're actually losing $10 when you get this. However, if you have reached your limit for the month, that is an option. Once you get the gift card (which is delivered electronically), you can stick it right in your Amazon account and pile them up!
Another gift card is the $5 Paypal option, which is 700 SB. This is more SB for the same amount of money but if you want cash instead of Amazon money, this is the best option! You could always save up your swagbucks but if you do decide to do the Amazon cards, it's better to redeem them right away so you don't have to worry about the monthly limit.

All in all, Swagbucks is a great site that I am the most active on. I definitely recommend signing up so you can start earning great prizes right away!

Search & Win


  1. Wow! You've earned quite a lot of Amazon gift cert's in less than 3 mos. Good tip about making sure you trust the special offer vendor. Otherwise, your cc info. might end up in the hands of unscrupulous individuals.

    Check out my blog for tips and strategies to earn swag bucks. I included a link in my name. Let me know what you think!

  2. Hi is there any international websites for making extra money. I am from South Africa.

  3. Sure, if you are interested in Swagbucks, the best site to join is Zoombucks for international! Check out my link here: http://www.zoombucks.com/join.php?ref=timerunning

  4. how do you download swag code widget?

  5. You can download it here - http://www.swagbucks.com/g/swidget

  6. I've been copying the Embed Code in my web page but I still don't get to download it... technically challenged here

  7. Well, you don't really download it, you just copy the code into whatever platform you want to use it in. For example, I have it copied onto my blog here. So if you have it on your webpage, then you've got access to it.

  8. Hi everyone. Ever wanted to know when your Swagbucks account has been chosen to be the Hourly Winner? I'm starting a blog dedicated to helping people realize when they are winners, since it may be when you're sleeping or something. Please check out my blog, follow it, and become part of the revolution. Thanks very much swagbuckshourly. blogspot. com (remove spaces between periods).

  9. Hi, I'm all new to this and I was wondering if this is all a legitimate thing or not. Also, does it effect your laptop/computer in anyway? Like Spam/pop-ups/viruses/other annoyances/etc. I just don't want to get hacked, I guess I'm just being a little cautious, Haha. Have you had any problems with any of these work at work/earn some extra cash sites? Also, last question (I promise!) Do you still regularly earn money on all of these sites?

  10. Hi Stacy! Yes, Swagbucks is VERY legit, I've been earning Amazon gift cards from them since (scrolls to look up the blog haha) June 2010. Yes, I still use Swagbucks every day, as well as most of the other sites on this blog! I have all these sites bookmarked on my computer and check/work on them every day. :)

    I would say the only caution I would give you regarding Swagbucks is when you do the special offers to earn points, be wary of some of them cause a few could be spammy. The best way to find out which special offers are good is by going to the Swagbucks official Facebook page and the users post the special offers that credit for them. Also, another suggestion is to make up a new email that is specifically FOR Swagbucks. That way, any special offer you do, you can use that email so you are not putting your main email in. I have have made like 4-5 separate emails for all the sites I do for special offers that you know are spammy.

    But most offers are fine for your computer, I've never run into an issue that has affected my computer at all. Just don't "download" stuff, that's all. :)

    Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions! Swagbucks is definitely the site I have been using the longest to earn Amazon gift cards but the other sites I have listed are amazing as well. I always do my homework before signing up to a site to make sure it is legit, and that was in part why I made this blog, cause I wanted it to be easier for other folk to look at a collection of sites that can earn you money/gift cards easily!

    Hope that answer helped and good luck if you decide to sign up for any of the sites I have listed! :) I am here if you need to know anything. :)

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