iRazoo is another search to win site, similar to Swagbucks but more simplified. You can win by using their search engine and by reviewing websites.

It is not as fast to earn gift cards as it is with Swagbucks, but this site is a nice addition to build up your Amazon account faster.

Ways to Earn Points
There are two different ways to earn points on iRazoo.

1) Search
Just like with Swagbucks, use iRazoo's search engine like you would with Google. You are then rewarded with points. The points you are rewarded are on the higher end (ranging from 20ish-80ish points) but that is because the prizes are higher denominations, so it all equals out in the end. I usually win 3-4 times a day on the search engine.

2) Making Recommendations/Comments
One feature that iRazoo added was the chance to comment on the websites that you search for. You get 25 points for recommending a site and 25 points for commenting! You can do this twice so this is an additional 100 points you can get EVERY day, which can quickly add up!

3) Special Offers
They have Special Offers you can do which are the same as Swagbucks.

There are a decent amount of prizes to choose from, but again, I feel the best deal is the $5 Amazon gift cards cause you can just put them right into your Amazon account. The $5 Amazon gift card is 3000 points. That might seem like a lot but that is why iRazoo gives you higher point denominations.You can save up for the bigger prizes, but again, it costs less in the long run if you buy those prizes through Amazon.

What I Have Earned From June 2010 - Now

07/08/2010     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
07/28/2010     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card       
08/15/2010     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card       
08/31/2010     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card   
09/21/2010     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card   
10/08/2010     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card    
10/23/2010     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card    
11/06/2010     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card    
01/31/2011     Issued       - (4) $5 Amazon Gift Card
02/21/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card   
03/16/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
04/09/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
05/09/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
05/25/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
06/11/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
08/04/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
09/10/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
11/27/2011     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
01/18/2012     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
03/04/2012     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
03/31/2012     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card
07/17/2012     Issued       - (1) $5 Amazon Gift Card

It can take up to 30 days to receive your code for your card.

This is a nice site that you can do in your spare time to rack up some Amazon cards. And again, if you are a member of Swagbucks as well, you can just have iRazoo opened up in the next tab of your browser and search for the same things you do in Swagbucks.