Hot Spot

Hot Spot is an application on Facebook that allows you to make some extra money! I just discovered it three days ago and I am already at $4.36, close to the cashing out point of $5!

How to Earn Cash

1) Special Offers
The main way you earn money through this application is by doing Special Offers, just like on Swagbucks and Zoombucks. The special offers are very similar, if not the same, but that just makes it easier to know which Special Offers are the easiest to do! I recommend starting off with all of the healthier living ones, like "Are you or someone you love living with Diabetes?" These credit really quick and easy!
The more offers you can do, the more your cash will pile up!

2) Referrals
They offer a referral program that you get 10% of the cash they earn, which is pretty decent. If you get a lot, that can earn you money for doing nothing at all.

Cash Out
The minimum to cash out is $5. It then will go directly into your Pay Pal account, which I love because it is so easy!

This is definitely a great application that is fun to do and every time you earn money, you can post it to your wall so your friends can see you earning money, which will make getting referrals a lot easier!

Check it out ---> Hot Spot


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