Ebates is a site where you can get money back for shopping online!

I know there are a lot of sites that are like this, but when I was looking for shopping reimbursement sites, I found Ebates had the best reviews.

I have shopped twice so far through this site and it is proving to be true to it's great reviews.

Cash Back
It depends on what store you shop through for how much % you will get back. Some examples are Delia's (2% cash back) and Wet Seal (3% cash back). Some stores are higher, such as All Posters (11.5% cash back), Busted Tees (10% cash back) or Jib Jab (25% cash back).

On the home page, there are usually deals that are highlighted for the week that may have a higher percentage than usual, which is always awesome.There is also the Daily Double, a featured store that is double the usual cash back!

Ebates sends out payments every 3 months. I know that seems like a long time but, they do this because this is a shopping reimbursement site. It's not a website to earn money, so it takes longer to make a "profit" because you are just getting back money that you are using to buy stuff online. So the amounts would be smaller but over 3 months, and especially around the HOLIDAY season, it can add up pretty quickly!

The payment schedule is:
Purchases Made BetweenBig Fat Check Sent
Jan 1-Mar 31May 15
Apr 1-June 30Aug 15
July 1-Sept 30Nov 15
Oct 1-Dec 31Feb 15

If you've earned less than $5.01 cash back, Ebatesl carries over your money to the next check.

You can get paid by receiving an actual check in the mail, Paypal, or you can have it donated to a charity of your choice.

When you sign up, you have the choice to pick a reward! There are a few choices, I picked the "$10 Home Depot Gift Car." You get this award after you earn $5 cash back!

One great thing that Ebates does is list all the available coupons they have for the stores you can shop! This is great because lots of times, it is free shipping or a % off your total amount! And it also lists right underneath the % of cash you get back.

Referral Program
They also have a GREAT referral program. They way it works is that, for every person that you refer, you get $5 cash! Then, the more you refer, you can earn bigger prizes!

As you can see, those are some pretty awesome prizes you can get just for referring people!

What I Have Earned Back So Far

08/08/2014     You were paid by PayPal     $26.96
05/05/2014     You were paid by PayPal     $9.65
02/10/2014     You were paid by PayPal     $21.31
11/05/2013     You were paid by PayPal     $6.83
08/09/2013     You were paid by PayPal     $7.44
05/09/2013     You were paid by PayPal     $18.15
02/08/2013     You were paid by PayPal     $45.29
08/08/2012     You were paid by PayPal     $13.74
05/10/2012     You were paid by PayPal     $13.77
02/05/2012     You were paid by PayPal     $27.11
11/07/2011     You were paid by PayPal     $5.13
05/04/2011     You were paid by PayPal     $8.45
02/08/2011     You were paid by PayPal     $15.08
09/15/2010     You were paid by PayPal     $2.03

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