Crowd Tap

Crowdtap is a new site that lets you ideate, engage and promote with leading brands, entertainment properties, non-profits and startups. You answer "quick hits," which are questions about you or about brands. They are fun and easy questions and as a result, you earn money/points!

With each level you move up, you gain more privileges.

Out of your earnings, 5% will automatically go to the charity you selected, which Crowdtap will match. You can choose to donate the rest for your charity or get an Amazon gift card e-mailed to you.

Additional Points
Make sure that you complete your profile and bio because that earns you 500 points! You also get 10 points just for logging in daily!

Crowdtap has changed a bit now since they went out of beta. Now, instead of earning cash, you earn points. You need 20,000 points to get a $10 Amazon gift card. It's not that hard to get to 20,000. You can receive many points for certain actions you complete, such as responding to posts, completing web shares, etc.

You can also earn free samples, which let me say, is awesome!

Free Samples I Have Received

Old Navy (In Chronological Order)
- 4 Coupons for Free Ankle Jeans
- 4 Coupons for a Spring Dress
- Box Full of Accessories including: 2 Spring Scarves, a Fedora Hat, a Small Bag, a Pair of Sunglasses, 5 Tote Bags and a Dry Erase Board w/ a Pen.
- 4 Coupons for One Pair of Shorts, One Top & One Accessory.
- 4 Coupons for a Decorated Tank
- 2 Coupons for One Active wear Top and One Active Wear Bottom
- 2 Coupons for a Free Dress

- $25 Pinkberry Gift Card

Other (In Chronological Order)
- Abba "You Can Dance" Video Game for Wii
- Abba Greatest Hit CD
- Abba T-Shirt
- Full Sized Bottle of Listerine Mouth Wash

What I Have Earned So Far

Date                          Item                      Gift Card         Donation
08/30/2010    Amazon Gift Card              $12.00           $2.18
11/12/2010    Amazon Gift Card              $10.25           $1.09
02/09/2011    Amazon Gift Card              $20.00           $2.10
03/10/2011    Amazon Gift Card              $11.68           $1.24
06/30/2011    Amazon Gift Card              $10.90           $1.18
08/22/2011    Amazon Gift Card              $21.00           $2.63
11/21/2011    Amazon Gift Card              $58.90           $6.20
12/05/2011    Amazon Gift Card              $10.92           $1.16
12/13/2011    Amazon Gift Card                $6.17           $0.66
12/22/2011    Amazon Gift Card                $4.75           $0.25


01/18/2011    Amazon Gift Card              $10.00        

Total                                                       $176.57       

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  1. I joined Crowdtap a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it!! I wish I would have seen your blog previously...I would have helped you out in the friend department! Any updates on where you're at now as far as levels??

  2. Hi there, thanks for reading!

    Currently, I am at Level 6, Gold, 40,685 points and $10.55 cash. (If you see previous entries, I have already cashed out twice - so I have made over $30 in amazon money so far)

    My status is 20% so far in gold, so I still have a bit to go to reach the next level.

    I will cash out soon (since I am over $10) but I kind of wanted to let it pile up a bit before cashing out this time. I will update as soon as I do cash out :-)

    Thanks again for reading and happy making money online! :-)

  3. Thanks for your update!! I'm only about 100 points from level 4!! I'm really hoping to do well with my first Tapped In on the SuperBowl...well currently it's the only thing to do (other than a few QuickHits) occasionally! I hope I see some more action at Level 4!

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  5. Can you earn from Amazon from shopping there? As well in addition to all that other stuff you are talking about

  6. I'm at level 6 (gold) and I haven't received any samples ever. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Just kidding I'm at level 5 (silver), but still haven't received any samples :(

  8. How do you make money on crowdtap? I am level 5 and only have a $1 in my acct! Any help would be appreciated. No samples either :(

  9. Hey there, it really depends on how far you are up and how you are answering the questions. You win $1 every 25 questions, but sometimes it can be more. Crowdtap used to give like, $0.05 per question answered but they changed their format.

    Another way to earn money is by the web share challenges. I'm not sure what level you have to be at to get those, probably at least 3-4, but when at least 4 other people hit thumbs up when you get those, you earn a dollar.

    So it's decently easy to make money, it just depends on how many opportunities you are getting and the further you go up in levels, the more opportunities you get. I'm now at Level 7, and I've noticed I've been getting the 1 in 25 a bit more lately.

    Hope this helped!

  10. And yes, the money you earn is actually an Amazon gift card. So you are earning money just for Amazon alone.

    In regards to samples, that really depends. I know people who have gotten samples that I never get got the chance to receive/earn. It depends a lot on how you are answering the quick hits as well. I do enjoy Old Navy, so when those questions were proposed to me in quick hits, they see that I'm a fan, hence why I've gotten opportunities to sample from them.

    However, in the past couple months, I haven't gotten any opportunities to sample anything, so it really depends.

  11. How do you make money?? I'm at level 4 and done a lot of questions/quick hits. I've only earned $5 from the friend referral, but I can't seem to earn money any other way. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    And also... do they send an email with the Amazon gift card? Or will it show in the Account. Thanks

  12. The higher level you go, the more opportunities you get to make money. The main way I earn money is through the web challenges. You get yourself and 4 other friends to "thumbs up" the challenge and you earn a dollar. I think I get them a lot because of the level that I am at.

    But soon, Crowdtap is converted over to a point system. So the whole way money is made is going to change, so you should have more opportunity to earn cash! I'll update my blog when that conversation happens. (Which should be after the new year)

  13. Oh and yes, the email you when your cash out transaction has been approved so you know when you get your Amazon gift card! :)