I've been working with this company the longest. I have been three different roles: Expeditor, Generalist/Specialist & Vetter. I am currently an Expeditor because I feel it's the best role to suit me!

What the position entails:

ChaCha Guides are curious, professional, Internet-savvy people, just like you, who enjoy learning new things, sharing their knowledge with others, and being part of a fun, diverse community. Sharp minds are important, but you do not actually have to be a ‘know-it-all’ to be a Guide. Guides help answer questions from customers in a fun and fast-paced environment. You provide the brainpower to analyze the question and craft high quality answers, we provide professional search training and custom tools to turbo-charge the process. Once you’re on board as a Guide, simply log in whenever you want to contribute.

This is a pretty fun/interesting job that is good to do on the side of a regular outside job. I know there are some people that do ChaCha F/T but most people just do it whenever they have a free moment. You can sign online, answer however many questions you want at the moment and then sign off whenever you feel like it.

During the registration progress, it does ask you the "hours" you want to work but you do not have to really work those hours. It's just to give ChaCha a general idea. 


There are 4 roles: Generalist/Specialist, Expeditor, Vetter and Transcriber. All four might not be available when you apply, you might only be able to choose from say, Expeditor and Transcriber.

Expeditor Role: You get the question that the customer texts in and it is your job to clean it up and make it legible and then send it along so a Generalist/Specialist can provide an answer. You do answer some questions yourself, such as horoscopes, sports scores, etc. All of the answers are provided for you to send in one or two clicks. There is NO researching involved for this role.

Vetter Role: This is the most fast paced role. The questions that you have to answer are when they customer asking the questions has run out of generalist & expeditor questions. (It is when you "archived" the question as an Expeditor). You either use the PAQ's (Previously Answered Questions), answer yourself or click "No Suitable Answer." There is NO researching involved for this role.

Transcriber Role: You listen to the voice questions that customers call into and convert them to text questions. Then, they are sent to the Generalist/Specialist to answer.

Generalist/Specialist Role: You actually are answering the questions, such as, "What is the last movie Harrison Ford was in?" or "What are the lyrics to Baby, by Justin Bieber?" You then research the question online, find the answer (or if you can't find the answer, something relevant) and then cite your source and send it back to the customer!


Expeditor or Transcriber: You receive $0.02 per question
Vetter: You receive $0.05 per question. It is less because it is much quicker to answer these questions then any other role. 
Generalist/Specialist: It ranges from $0.10-0.20 depending on the category the question is under. (Example, the Mass Transit category is $0.20 but a category such as Food/Drink is only $0.10.) After you are hired, you pick when categories you want to "specialize" in.

Most people would look at the pay and be like, "Well, of course I'm going to be a Generalist/Specialist, it pays more!

Well, yes, it does pay more, however, it takes you a lot longer to answer the question since you are researching! It takes me anywhere from a minute (if it's a really easy question) to almost 5 minutes sometimes when it is a harder to find answer! For Expeditor's, it is a lot quicker to provide a quick reply or clean up a question. It can range from 10 seconds to a minute. So, even though you are getting paid less, you are answering more questions a lot quicker. So honestly, it all kinda evens out in the end. 

Personal Experience

I first started ChaCha-ing in 2009 (in September) as an Expeditor. I have made a total of over $1000 since I have started! That is me basically doing it whenever I had some free time. If you sit down for longer hours and work more, you have the potential to earn a lot more! Most people out there earn at least the $150 min + more each month. It all depends on how dedicated you are to working!

ChaCha has the option of Pay Me Now or Pay Me Monthly. I opt-ed for the monthly option because the Pay Me Now has a $2 fee. When you choose Pay Me Montly, whatever you earn (with the minimum being $150) is deposited directly into your checking account. If you didn't reach the $150 goal, whatever you earned rolls over to the next month. As you see, I've been doing this for almost 2 months and I haven't cashed out cause I haven't reached the $150, though I'm almost there. This is because the past few weeks has been very busy and I've been not around my computer at night, which is why it is taking me longer to earn!


1) Go to

2) Click "Get Started!"

3) Please refer when you are asked who referred you.

4) Follow the steps, watch the videos and get ready to take a timed assessment exam. Some helpful tips - when you provide an answer to the question, you are going to want to RESTATE the question when you are answering.


Q: What is the number to Milby High School?

A: The number for Charles H Milby High School is 713-928-7401. It is located at 1601 Broadway, Houston TX! ChaCha!

If you do not do this, you will not pass the test for ChaCha to become a guide. So don't make the mistake of providing JUST the answer and nothing else. ChaCha loves when you provide extra information (like I did above by giving the address).

5) After this you will have to do 10 fake questions (they are in the real time environment though) and ChaCha will review your questions, and 99% of the time you are accepted as a ChaCha guide!

So, that is ChaCha, a great site for people to make some extra money on the side. There is great support in the community, with a very active forum! You can ask me any questions, I will be honored to give any advice or help that is needed.


  1. Hi,
    I joined cha-cha under you on 6/16/11. I have a quick ?. I've only been a Vetter but I've taken the video's and reveiw tests to become an Expediter. How do I go about up grading to do that? Or how do I know if they are hiring in that area? Thanks for anything you can tell me.

  2. Hey Wanda,

    In order to change roles, you have to send feedback in the forum to them. You should be able to change as long as they are hiring for that role! Good luck!

  3. Hello!

    I just found your blog this evening, and I LOVE it! Very awesome, thanks so much for sharing!

    I've tried a few times to become a ChaCha guide, but when I try to fill out the W9 form, Wisconsin is not listed as a state to choose from, thus causing an issue for me, a proud Wisconsinite! I was wondering if this just happens to me?! I've tried contacting them several times, and have never heard back! :( Any thoughts? Thanks!

  4. Wow, so I didn't know this, but I googled why you might be having problems and this is what I found:

    People from Wisconsin can't work for ChaCha because of the state independent contractor laws. For more information on Wisconsin's independent contractor laws, go to

    If you want to check out other ways to make $, feel free to look at the rest of my blog, I have lots of options since you can't do ChaCha. :(

  5. it asks for tax forms. should we give it? i am an international student and i am not allowed to accept money from anyone except my university

  6. You do not have to report it for tax reasons unless you make over $600/year.

  7. Is it possible to register as a ChaCha expeditor if you are living outside U.S.? I'm from Philippines and I am so interested to work with ChaCha.

  8. Are you still using chacha? Can I still use your email as a referral?

  9. Hi,

    I am considering becoming a ChaCha guide and was hoping you could tell me about your experience.

    How did you hear about ChaCha? Were you able to sign up right away?

    Are there specific times of the day you choose to accept queries? Do you set your schedule around ChaCha? Is there a ‘busy’ time?

    Does ChaCha provide you information about whether or not a question you receive has already been answered? Can you just cut and paste the previous answer into the query you received? Does ChaCha provide any guidance or helpful tools?

    I'd really appreciate any information you are willing to give. Thanks so much!

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